YouTube bans account for ‚basically no reason‘, says Roger Ver

YouTube has closed the website’s official channel focused on crypto news for „a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.

According to a statement that CEO Roger Ver charged to Reddit today, the account was cancelled „basically for no reason. He then suggested that it could have been reported by Bitcoin maximalists (BTC) [See has been a vocal advocate of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), criticizing Bitcoin for becoming „a store of value“]:

„I suspect that probably a group of these anti-competitive maximalists from Bitcoin Core falsely reported the video saying“ It’s a Bit [coin] Cash scam! Or some nonsense like that.“

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Ver added that regardless of whether the YouTube account will be reinstated, „it seems like the right time to start exploring other options,“ namely, Dtube and BitChute. He noted that he still needs to learn more about them, asking the audience to evaluate and suggest viable alternatives.

The founder also emphasized that there are „tons“ of gift scams on YouTube that are falsely endorsed by Elon Musk celebrities and others, suggesting that the platform has been ineffective in combating fraud.

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It is currently unclear how many subscribers the YouTube account had at the time it was suspended. According to a cached version of the channel in May 2019, it had more than 25,000 subscribers.

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Will Trump’s Executive Order on Social Networking help against bans on YouTube’s crypto-currency channels?

YouTube’s unofficial war on crypto-tubing has intensified as many crypto-YouTubers, including Ivan on Tech, Chris Dunn and Tone Vays, have had their channels suspended or watched over the past six months.

Last month, Cointelegraph also experienced YouTube’s strange attitude toward cryptomoney coverage, as the platform suddenly shut down our seven-hour live broadcast of Bitcoin Halving.