Bitcoin mining at the click of a button… and for all budgets!

Receive our selection of cryptos under surveillance…

We were already talking about it together at the time of the Bitcoin halving: the mining of BTC is quite an adventure, and those who want to try it are very numerous… and in the rush, it can happen that they make mistakes and then bite their fingers off! Fortunately, Feel Mining has thought of everything: bitcoin mining, from a welcoming country and at a low price, does it tempt you?

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Feel Mining.

Bitcoin mining is waiting for you!
If you’re even a sane person, your first reaction would naturally be to ask me: „But mining Bitcoin, Sami, is it really – again? – a good idea?“

As we’ll see, if you were going to scred an entire mining farm in your grandmother’s basement, of course not, electricity consumption is a must… But fortunately, there are solutions to get rid of many of the disadvantages of mining… and simply enjoy the benefits of a passive income in Bitcoin, recovered directly from the mine… or almost!
The friendly people from Grenoble at Feel Mining have not only brought new models of miners into their shop… but they have also decided to apply discounts on the entry-level model: The Antminer T19 and its 84 TH/s of mining power are just waiting for you to Bitcoin Profit start harvesting the precious bitcoins that everyone is clamouring for… while the more prolific Antminer S19 and Antminer S19 Pro will allow the most determined (and the most in a hurry) among you to automatically fuel at 95 and 110 TH/s!

All the interest of this triple offer is that it can allow you to enter the bitcoin mining market at a reasonable price, since the entry level T19 will offer you mining with an electrical consumption of 3150 Kw/h, for a price of 1495 euros HT. This means that you would save nearly €350 compared to the superior model, the S19, but you could already fight – almost – on equal terms!

„Yes, but…“, you’ll tell me with a tear in your eye, „all this power, it’s not going to help my relations with EDF, Sami !“

And you would almost be right… except for one detail!

A partner you can trust to get you started
Because remember that Feel Mining also offers you the possibility of accommodating your miners in much more welcoming regions than our French-French „Nââtion Blockchain“ – eh yes, my little gentleman, it’s quite something, isn’t it? – but who doesn’t like bitcoin mining at all (even if you can make an exception to go and validate on the Tezos side, on occasion, go figure out why).

So goodbye to the hassles of constantly monitoring your future technological gems, goodbye to the constant noise of their fans pedalling to who better… And hello to the peace of mind of knowing your machines are in good hands, pampered in the cold regions of Canada as well as in Siberia or Kazakhstan… where electricity is offered at a ridiculously low price compared to the one „offered“ in France. Transport, taxes, logistics, installation and maintenance: Feel Mining takes care of everything, for you!
A golden opportunity not to be missed, isn’t it? All the more so as Feel Mining will offer you even more: for any order, remember that a golden cashback awaits you if you pay with the euro balance of your Feel Mining account… But you are also covered in case of glitches, thanks to a new extended warranty offer to protect your competing miners as well as possible: 18 additional months of full protection against the little daily hassles of bitcoin mining, you can’t refuse! Your machines will thus be covered for 2 years.

No time to lose, everything to gain, on Feel Mining“.

So, if you finally want to overcome your apprehensions and take on the great challenge of bitcoin mining, take the plunge now: let yourself be accompanied by professionals on the road to a passive Bitcoin-compatible income! All you will have to do is let time pass… and count the falling satoshis 🙂